Narva Model 37 12v LED Slimline Rear Stop/Tail, Direction Indicator Lamps (93730BL2)



Designed from the ground up, the Model 37 trailer lamp has been engineered for use on boat trailers where regular submersion is common. The lamps are protected from water ingress with a two-stage system that incorporates ultrasonic welding and a two-part epoxy glue. This allows the lamps to comply with the stringent IP68 standard.

These are replacement lamps for the 93750BL2 kit however they can also be hardwired into an existing trailer lighting loom.

Narva Model 37 Trailer Lamp Brochure


Lamp Connectors image

Lamp Connectors

Each lamp is fitted with a waterproof connector and joins effortlessly to the main harness which is also compliant to the IP68 standard. All hardware is made from 316 stainless steel and suitable for marine environments.

Waterproof Connections image

Waterproof Connections

Waterproof connection system utilises over-moulded connectors that quickly join the lamps and trailer plug to the main wiring harness. No splicing or joining of wires is required, making connections a tool free operation.